The first shooting competition of this year took place at the beginning of April, where Csaba Szászi, sponsored by us, not only started, but also won with the 9mm Luger ammunition produced in Sirok.

It can be read in Hungarian HERE.

For Csaba Szászi, the head of MFS Defense Zrt.’s ballistics station, the last weekend was the first IPSC shooting competition of 2024. At the competition held in Cachtic, Slovakia, 14 dynamic courses were built, which had to be completed with a minimum of 250 shots. Csaba, sponsored by MFS, completed the competition with a fluctuating performance at times, but with only two mistakes and thus a performance of 73%, with which he reached fifth place in the Classic Senior category.

In the competition, he used the 9mm Luger FMJ-FP 10.0g ammunition manufactured in Sirok, which worked flawlessly.

Congratulations to Csaba on his first success this year!

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