9×19 Luger Subsonic JHP

9,5g / 147gr
Subsonic ammunition with JHP expanding bullet. Minimal acoustic profile to maintain the element of surprise. Heavy bullet yields excellent target effect. Reliable in extreme environmental conditions.


Excellent choice for missions in special needs and for IPSC shooting or for regular training.
All components are produced to perform seamlessly together for perfect functioning in all common types of weapons.
JHP 9,5g / 147gr
Projectile material
CuZn alloy jacket with lead core
Primer / propellant
Standard / Double base powder
Case material
CuZn alloy
Article number
Term of reference
Temperature range
-20°C to +52°C
Mean case mouth pressure (bar) 
max. 2350
Muzzle velocity (m/s)
Muzzle energy (J)
D100% ≤ 50mm at 25m
50 rds./cardboard box, 1 000 rds./cardboard box
Technical specification and numerical data are given as an indication only and are of no contractual nature.
version 30. Aug. 2021


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